106 Public Square, Gallatin


106 Public Square - bright room with ceiling fan and art on wall.

Rich with historic charm, serving as a hub for the next generation of entrepreneurs in Gallatin.

Originally built in 1929, the Suddarth Building has had many lives over the past century.  In large part, these uses were a snapshot of the economy of that moment in time, reflecting the larger aspiration of what Historic Downtown Gallatin could become.  Its roles have included: a furniture showroom, bookstore, coffee shop, dance studio, bar and most recently, a pizza parlor.

When we purchased this building, we quickly distilled out two primary goals.  First, we wanted to preserve and enhance the historic texture of the building.  The pressed tin ceiling, century work oak floors and historic brick have remained throughout.  We also aspired to use this project as a catalyst for future downtown development by creating a space for the next generation of the entrepreneurs.  In short, we wanted to bring new folks downtown. Above all else, we are proud that 106 Public Square is home to more than 30 businesses.