We are here to help.

In addition to developing and operating creative places, One Public Square is here to provide value to you and your property.  Whether it is serving a consulting or brokerage role, we are here to help. Our team has a wide range of expertise working on both small and large scale projects, and our sincere goal is to be a resource where needed.


Our team has built a foundation of knowledge & relationships that can help you add value to your project or property. The places we develop are unique and complex, and each require a creative approach that draws on multiple disciplines. We believe this is our team’s core value proposition. We ask a lot of questions and continuously strive to clearly identify goals and desired outcomes before defining and executing a plan to achieve those goals. We employ a highly iterative process in which ideas are freely and quickly offered, considered, and either implemented or discarded.

The scope and structure of Consulting services are, by definition, unique and vary by engagement. The scope of services we are able to provide encompass both the strategic and tactical. Whether you need help planning how to best engage your various stakeholders or creating a complex financial model, we can bring the resources to bear to make it happen.

Below is a short list of the primary consulting services we provide.

  • Financial Modeling

  • Site Selection

  • Community Engagement and Entitlements

  • Design Development and Budgeting

Wood ceiling


Our team has executed a wide range of brokered transactions, including the structuring of complex capital stacks, the selling of investment real estate to both private and institutional capital sources, the identification and procurement of tenants and associated leases, the management of assets at both a property and portfolio level, and everything in between. As a boutique company, our goal is to engage selectively with clients to provide tailored solutions in situations where it is clear that we can add value. We recognize that we cannot be all things to all people, so our focus is squarely on the given client.

When serving a brokerage role, we are absolutely focused on avoiding conflicts of interest, whether direct or indirect. Furthermore, we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients receive the absolute best of the resources we have to offer, and we also respect the role of brokers we engage on the places we develop and/or operate. We believe that with diligent and steadfast focus on roles and responsibilities, we can all win.

Below is a short list of the primary brokerage services we provide.

  • Capital Stack Formation - Debt and Equity

  • Property Acquisition and Disposition

  • Leasing and Management