WYE at 117 West Main, Gallatin, TN


117 West Main Street - Gallatin


Mix & match office space designed to meet the needs of any business person —

Wye (noun) - a triangular junction of rail lines used to turnaround streetcars.  

Beginning in 1929, an electric street connected Gallatin to downtown Nashville along what was known as the Bluegrass Line.  This property was at the end - or beginning - of the line depending upon your perspective. It contained a wye turnaround. This site contains a physical connection to our past. In the early 1940s, the original bow truss building was enlarged and connected to the adjacent building and became the home of an A&P Grocery Store.  Most recently, it was the longtime home of the Antiques on Main.

We believe that wye can be a project that equally honors our past and inspires our future.  This duality is embodied in the design. When complete, wye will be a example of a mixed-use, class AA office space on Main Street.